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About the characters: Waifer X
Look, Ma, no hands!

Waifer T, the one-eyed rescue pug (ca. 8 October 1998).

First conceptual sketch for Waifer X, with hands and no freckles (ca. 24 April 1995).
Why Waifer X?
We hate drawing hands--let's face it, it's just not something we're really good at. Fray needs her hands to be shown such that she can hold her cigarette, point accusatingly, etc. Our favorite jacket to wear in the whole wide (real) world is just like Waifer X's, and the sleeves are long enough such that gloves are unnecessary. And we've been identifying with Waifer X a lot recently, for some reason.

If Fray vicariously does all the grown-up things we never seem to get around to, then Waifer X does all the things we wish we would be doing (since we long passed our first childhood, and we haven't reached our second childhood yet)--drinking caffeinated lime-flavored sodas, skateboarding, imposing on the neighbors, testing the limits of physical and moral reality, etc.

Waifer X's character is relatively recent. She sprang up from the fact that Fray needs a sidekick, but now "Did you know? by NK Particle"(TM) is on the verge of becoming a comic strip about Waifer X, with Fray as the antagonist. As we said before, Waifer X's character says something about our self-image these days.

"Waifer" comes from a name of some one-eyed pug dog that used to belong to someone (we forget who). She (the dog) was found as a stray, and was christened "Waifer T" ("T" for "thin," we're not sure if the "waif/wafer" pun was intended or not) because she was. After returning to a life of domesticity, Waifer T blossomed to a very large 25 pounds (since gone down to 18 pounds). Waifer T the pug dog really doesn't have anything to do with Waifer X the girl other than we thought the name was cool.

We like freckles. Lots of them--the more the merrier. Waifer X's hair is reddish brown. Not that that shows up in stunning Monochroma(TM).

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