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About the characters: Fray L. Ormandy
The Smoking Girl

Initial sketch for most current version of Fray, with vest, skort, and swirly cigarette smoke (ca. 27 October 1997).
What's with Fray L. Ormandy?
If we could get away with just about anything...then we wouldn't have to draw Fray. Let's face it--she is all the attitude we would like to project to the world around us, while unencumbered with none of the entailing responsibility. This is not to say that we are crude, rude, or obnoxious, but at times we certainly wish we were.

Fray still has her legacy website tribute, The Fray Ormandy Home Page, where a daily Bon Mot (a quip/quotation that means something literally in French we're too ignorant to know anything about) has been posted just about non-stop since 1996. There you can see what is up with the Smoking Girl, and read up on her nemeses (Gabrielle Reece and Picabo Street, to name a few of many), and see some of the old cartoons from as far back as 1986 that we're too lazy (or ashamed) to put up here.

Fray wasn't always the center of attention and the universe. She was a sidekick to two male characters we've since forgotten how to draw back more than 13 years ago. She had poofy hair, glasses, and generally a nay-saying spoilsport voice of reason. Now she's degenerated into a whimsical, carefree, selfish, caustic person; but hey, she gets away with just about everything she wants to get away with, and that certainly has to be admired...from afar. She represents the dark, unexplored parts of our mind; the id, if you will.

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