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Did you know? by NK Particle*
Crouching Waifer, Hidden Fray, Part 9, Week 3

Excruciating minutiae
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  • So ends the conclusion of "Crouching Waifer, Hidden Fray." Let's look a some of the choice remarks left in our comments book (mainly due to one certain individual)

    : "Mr. Len glad to see your work is now somewhere besides the web. There should definitely be more shows. P.S. Will you marry me!"

    "This is the best work I've seen in this shop for a very long time."
    --[Espresso] Roma Employee

    "My Ginsu knife is the only thing I own from 25 years ago. I'll hang onto it."

    "You don't know me but I hear about you all the time from my TA Brooke Haag. Congrats."
    --A physics student.

    " turned out beautifully!!! So...what happens next? Hope you see you sometime on the dance floor."

    "Dr. [Len], if you are who I think you are, congratulations! I was in the first physics class you taught at UC-Davis, and it's good to see your comics somewhere besides on our lecture notes. :) Anyway, hope this career pays better than your physics career."

    "Hello P-Dog, hehe! Like...totally neat comics dude. Have a tapioca drink. P.S. The book was stained before I got here...really... Authentic CaFray comment book! P.P.S. We are scared by the "atmosphere" [here and are] running away to Mishka's [Cafe]."
    --Caramel Chocolate

    "Hey there Pat Len! Very interesting, entertaining comic you've got here! I really enjoyed your 'Crouching Waifer, Hidden Fray' series. :) Hope to see more in the near future. P.S. Wo de peng you shi ni de jiu xue sheng."

    "It's great that your comics are getting some face here in Davis. Your website has about 700 people linked to it. Your drawings and stories are very inspiring. Inspiring to what? Well, when I first visited the site I was amazed at how weird an 'adult' could be. When I showed the comics to my friends they all looked at me weird for liking them. It was O.K., because I just enjoyed them all the more.

    "They inspired me to be real and let my own quirkiness RUN RAMPANT! Muah haha. They inspire to sketch and doodle on my own time and to pursue my love of art despite my parent's objecttions. Thank you for exisiting, Dr. Pat Len! P.S. My comic buying fund is only at $10...still need $190. :)"

    --Sincerely, Felicia Tsang [signed], a.k.a., Caramel Chocolate

    "Dear Prof. Pat Len, who loves ya, huh? Coming on the LAST write ONE LAST COMMENT... Why, you wonder? Part because I like your work so much and part...because I forgot to include [the picture below] all those other times (wait...what other times?). 'Crouching Waifer, Hidden Fray' Part 9 reminds me of those Russian dolls with the consecutively smaller girl in the girl. That is all."
    --Sincerely, Felicia Tsang [signed]

Images, characters, and website copyright © 2002 Patrick M. Len