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Did you know? by NK Particle*
I, Fray, Part 1 of 4

Extruciating minutae
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  • This is a story that has been mulled about for more than a year (early study below). Hopefully this pass at it does it some justice.

  • Walt Kelly, the cartoonist behind "Pogo" once remarked that he gave a character an identical cousin, because he wasn't up to developing a whole new character from scratch. Hence there is the Trinity of Fray: Fray, her Inner Child, and her Clone. Note that Fray's Clone has a black vest with round buttons, and a light-colored skort with oblong buttons, the converse of Fray.
  • "Gaping Maw" brand cigarettes is the running gag in "Did you know? by NK Particle."
  • What greater love than self-love? Dr. Richard Seed (a fellow physicist, no less) is da bomb.
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