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Did you know? by NK Particle*
Innie Outie, Part 2 of 2

Extruciating minutae
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  • Having an adult and a pre-teen sharing the same panel space is an interesting graphical problem. Do we accentuate Fray's maturity (or lack thereof) by not showing her face when Waifer X is with her playmates? Or do we emphasize Waifer X's youth by deliberately making her too short to fit in a panel? Ah, the flexibility and possibilities graphical storytelling provides as a medium...
  • Note that Fray's Inner Child "smokes" a bubble-pipe, and has three skort and two vest buttons; in contrast to a cigarette, four skort buttons, and three vest buttons. Still that crinkled nose...
  • Yes, that's the Doggy-Bone Plant (or is it the Pillow-Cat Plant?). If you're not sure why it belongs here, then it has served its purpose well.
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