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Crouching Waifer, Hidden Fray, Exhibition Week 1

Excruciating minutiae
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  • So how does the "Crouching Waifer, Hidden Fray" story conclude? Well, you'll have to wait until May for that to happen... Unless you happen to live anywhere near Davis, CA!
  • Our first art exhibition featuring all nine parts of "Crouching Waifer, Hidden Fray" runs through the month of April 2002 at Cafe Roma, 211 "E" Street, in Davis CA (it's between Chipotle and Aquarius, and across from Baskin-Robbins). Be sure to drop in sometime, peruse, get caffeinated, and leave a message in the comment book. We'll have excerpts from the comment book, as well as photos from the exhibition in the weeks to come through this month.
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