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Did you know? by NK Particle*
Crouching Waifer, Hidden Fray, Part 2, Week 3

Excruciating minutiae
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  • The Chinese dialogue comes from A Collection of Chinese Proverbs, translated and arranged by William Scarborough, 1875. The tattered and well-used library copy we have apparently once belonged to a "Julean H. Arnold," or perhaps, Mr. Arnold just wrote his name on the title page of the book when he was once borrowing it...
  • The first panel translation is correct.
  • The Flower of Misfortune says, "down," The Pillow-Cat Plant says, "up."
  • The last panel translation is, of course, nothing but a contrivance: "Though a thousand things may claim attention in your household, never go to bed without a look in the kitchen."
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