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Las Manos de las Chicas, Part 1, Week 2

Excruciating minutiae
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  • After inking in the pencils, we made a few boo-boos, as well as discovering a few other things that need to be fixed. Keep this week's page in mind, and compare it to the finished page next week.
  • Note the artistic license in playing with the disproportions of Fray's height, compared to Waifer X at the table, and the panels on this page. Fray is tall, and is taller than Waifer X, but isn't really this tall... I guess this would be the graphic equivalent of a "literary conceit."
  • The rays surrounding Waifer X in the middle panel are not centered with the circular panel. As always, they're actually centered on the freckle in the middle of Waifer X's forehead...
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