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P-Dog, Week 3

Excruciating minutiae
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  • Panel 3: It's like how Darth Vader puts his helmet on. And we really do have a shirt like P-dog is wearing, although it really wasn't given a name, according to our good friend H.M.
  • Panel 4: We've always liked how Dogbert's ears fly up when he's surprised or shocked. Of course, real dogs usually soil themselves when startled. Which is probably what's really going here. Note the axe scar on P-dog's left hand.
  • Panel 5: Why does P-dog wear his watch on his drawing hand?
  • Panel 6: "Bitter Butter is Better." Also, are those marshmallows on the tips of Bitter Rabbit's ears?!?
  • Panel 8: Our good friend M.G. remarks that we really do look like the expression on P-dog's head.
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