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Udder Lament, Week 1

Excruciating minutiae
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  • And now for something completely different. What we're gonna do here is show you a "work in progress," where the first week we'll do the pencilling and very rough dialogue, week 2 will have inking, and week 3 shows the finished product after scanning, clean-up, and digital processing. But hey, it's still the same amount of work as before, whether it be a whole page every three weeks, or a third-of-a-page comic strip every week, isn't it?
  • Penciling was done quite lighter and looser than usual, we guess, because we're so used to drawing Waifer X and Fray (note Fray's new look--aren't those Lisa Loeb's glasses?).
  • More comments on production and storyline in the next two weeks!
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