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Did you know? by NK Particle*

Excruciating minutae
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  • This comic strip represents:
    (a) Rejection of identity.
    (b) Nullification of self.
    (c) Id's triumph over ego and superego.
    (d) Some kinda messed-up stuff we just made up and are still figuring out.
  • What happens when the reality of someone collides with your expectations of someone? We'll just have to wait and see, we suppose.
  • Our very observant friend M.G. watched Timecop, and knew that this was going to happen, as any decent nuclear physicist should know.
  • That tiny pop-like sound is somewhere between the gratifying snap of a toe knuckle cracking, and the ingratiating thud of a heart breaking.
  • When we embrace the familiar, expect the unexpected...
Images, characters, and website copyright © 2000 Patrick M. Len