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Did you know? by NK Particle*

Extruciating minutae
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  • That's a banana plant behind Longjohns Sylvia and Pirate X. Did you know that banana trees aren't really trees? They're really big-ass leafy herb plants, believe it or not. We guess that's what will happen to an herb if it manages to evolve in a tropical rather than a temperate climate.
  • This is actually the first comic strip we've drawn since last September. Everything you've seen up until now was actually done quite ahead of time, and we've been sitting on a backlog of art until last week, when the surplus gave out, and we're now in the panic zone. As the weeks progress and the Pirate X storyline further unfolds, see if you can deduce how we managed to extricate ourselves from the brink of unmet deadlines. And yes, being in a crisis is no excuse for impoverished English...
  • So just how much more do we have to go? Well, just before our Palm IIIx died, we have roughly until May to wrap up this storyline. And then we'll see where it goes from here... Thank goodness for 3Com's generous warranty policies, we'll be back up to speed early next week, hopefully.
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