Cuesta College :: Physics 205A :: Fall 2017
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Lecture (all sections)MW  11:00 AM-12:20 PM   Room 2402 (SLO)
Laboratory section 70854  M12:30-3:20 PM  Room 2101 (SLO)
Laboratory section 70855M  4:00-6:50 PM  Room 2101 (SLO)

Course Policies
      This course is the first semester of a two-semester sequence, introducing the fundamentals of classical physics.   Prerequisite is a grade of "C" or better in either Math 229 or Math 231 (or an equivalent course).   Student learning outcomes are organized into four general topics:
  • Describe and quantify motion (kinematics), and apply Newton's laws to describe how forces affect motion (mechanics).
  • Describe and apply conservation laws of energy, linear momentum, and angular momentum to quantify the initial-to-final evolution of systems of objects.
  • Describe and quantify different types of oscillations and waves, and the physical principles of these phenomena.
  • Describe and apply the laws of thermodynamics to quantify the initial-to-final evolution of microscopic and macroscopic systems of gases, fluids, and solids.

      Required materials:
  • Physics (10th Edition) by John D. Cutnell, Kenneth W. Johnson, David Young and Shane Stadler (ISBN 978-1-118-48689-4); or Chs. 1-17 custom paperback (ISBN 1-1191-5648-3).
  • Scientific calculator; graphing capabilities optional.   (Use of a calculator application on smartphones or tablets during in-class exams is not permitted.)

      Announcements, updates, assignments and worksheets are posted at:

Contact Information
Dr. Patrick M. Len
office: Room 2308 (SLO campus), Room N2434 (NC campus)
phone: (805) 546-3100, x2693
e-mail: P M L @ w a i f e r x . c o m
Twitter announcements: #CuestaPhys205A
office hours:    W (SLO campus 2308) 1:00-4:00 PM
Th (NC campus N2434) 1:00-3:00 PM
(Appointments and drop-ins are welcome.)

Eric Martinez (embedded tutor)
e-mail: e m a r t i 8 3 @ c a l p o l y . e d u
Math Success Center
help/review sessions:    W 8:00-11:00 PM

Course Grading
      There is no curve for this course, performance is strictly determined by a 700-point scale.   There are no +/- grades.   A worksheet (*.pdf) is available to keep track of scores.
          0-299 points  F
      300-399 points  D
      400-499 points  C
      500-599 points  B
      600-700 points  A

Labs [100 points maximum]
      Physical Sciences Division policy is that three or more missed labs will automatically result in a failing grade for both lab and lecture components of this course.  

Quizzes [150 points maximum]
      There are eight quizzes, and each quiz will take up 25 minutes of class.   Late arrivals are only given the time remaining to complete a quiz.   No make-up quizzes are allowed.
      All quizzes are closed-book and closed-notes.   Each quiz has ten multiple-choice questions (each worth 3 points).   No scantron form is required, as answers are circled on the quiz itself.  
      Only the five highest quiz scores are included in your course point total, your lowest quiz scores are dropped.   The last quiz of the semester is credit for taking educational research surveys.

Exams [250 points maximum]
      There are two midterms, and each midterm will take up 80 minutes of class.   The Final Exam is comprehensive, and will take up 120 minutes of class.   Late arrivals are only given the time remaining to complete an exam.  
      All exams are closed-book and closed-notes.   Each midterm is a maximum of 75 points.   The Final Exam is a maximum of 100 points.   No exams can be dropped/skipped.
      No make-up exams are allowed.   For documented extenuating circumstances, a "replacement" exam grade may be calculated relative to the class mean on a missing exam.   A replacement grade for a missing exam cannot be given for an unexcused or inexcusable absence.

Reading Assignments [100 points maximum]
      Reading assignments are completed online.   Each reading assignment is worth a maximum of 4 points.

Homework Reports [50 points maximum]
      Homework problems are assigned but not graded; however progress reports are submitted online.   Each homework report is worth 2 points.

Problem-Solving [50 points maximum]
      Students collaboratively work on assigned problems in class.   At the end of each class selected written work will be collected for credit, worth 2 points.

Extra-Credit Points [20 points maximum]
      Extra-credit points are earned by retaking quizzes in self-formed groups of 2-4 students immediately following each quiz, and/or by completing online learning surveys.  

Academic Responsibilities
      Be informed of and to abide by all student policies outlined in the Cuesta College Catalog, and to enroll and/or drop a class by the appropriate deadlines in the Cuesta College Class Schedule (*.html).   Contact Disabled Student Program & Services in a timely manner (San Luis Obispo campus: 546-3148; North County campus: 591-6215) regarding arrangements for disability accommodations.