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"One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar."
     --Helen Keller, Address to the American Association to Promote the Teaching
       of Speech to the Deaf, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, PA (July 8, 1896).
Quiz 4 worksheet questions (*.pdf)

Chs. 7.1: The Impulse-Momentum Theorem (*.blog)
     Ex: final speed of golf ball (*.blog)
     Ex: aircraft carrier steam catapult (*.blog)
     Ex: rebounding truck crash (*.blog)
Midterm 1 preview/review 
     Grading rubric for short-answer questions (*.txt)
     Grading rubric for worked-out problems (*.txt)
          Ex: net force on falling coffee filter stack (*.blog)         
          Ex: St. Lawrence River rocket car jump (*.blog) (*.mov)

Check Twitter announcements: #CuestaPhys205A
Preview online presentation (*.blog)

Midterm 1 review problems
     Read, work through, identify difficult problems
     Practice on and ask questions about during open problem-solving review session

Physics midterm question: distance traveled vs. displacement magnitude (*.blog)
Physics midterm question: comparing average speed of two cars (*.blog)
Physics midterm question: average speed equals average velocity magnitude? (*.blog)

Physics midterm question: comparing inversion of stacked two-object systems (*.blog)
Physics quiz question: book stacked on crate forces (*.blog)
Physics quiz question: crate on floor, suspending a hanging book (*.blog)

Physics midterm question: removing top object to lessen static friction (*.blog)
Physics quiz question: forces pushing on still-stuck suitcase, crate (*.blog)
Physics quiz question: comparing forces on accelerated book (*.blog)

Physics midterm question: water-filled bucket twirled in a vertical circle (*.blog)
Physics final exam question: normal force on truck going over hill (*.blog)
Physics midterm question: truck driving over hill vs. through dip (*.blog)

Physics midterm problem: Apollo 14 golf swing (*.blog)
Physics midterm problem: Washington coin toss across Rappahanock River (*.blog)
Physics midterm problem: football slingshot launch angle (*.blog)

Due 12:00 AM before start of next lecture
     Homework report 14 (*.html)