Cuesta College :: Astronomy 210L :: Fall 2017
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Section 70178  M4:30-7:20 PM Room 2108 (SLO)
Section 70186Tu  1:30-4:20 PM  Room N2409 (NCC)

Course Policies
      This course is a separate laboratory from Astronomy 210 lecture.   The prerequisites for this course are a grade of "C" or better in either Math 123, Math 123SI (or an equivalent course); and concurrent enrollment in Astronomy 210 lecture (or completed in a previous semester).   Student learning outcomes are organized into six general topics:
  • Keep abreast of present-day discoveries and developments in astronomy (current events).
  • Develop scientific evidence-based research questions.
  • Develop procedures to gather evidence in order to answer research questions.
  • Make appropriate evidence-supported conclusions.
  • Explain research findings in a report, poster, or presentation.
  • Evaluate evidence to determine whether or not it appropriately answers a research question.

      No specific astronomy textbook is required, but access to one is encouraged for reference purposes.   Web-related resources may also be used to research background information.

      Announcements, updates, assignments and worksheets are posted at:

Contact Information
Dr. Patrick M. Len
office: Room 2308 (SLO campus), Room N2434 (NC campus)
phone: (805) 546-3100, x2693
e-mail: P M L @ w a i f e r x . c o m
Twitter: #CuestaAstr210
office hours:    W (SLO campus 2308) 1:00-4:00 PM
Th (NC campus N2434) 1:00-3:00 PM
(Appointments and drop-ins are welcome.)

Course Grading
      There is no curve for this course, performance is strictly determined by a 100-point scale.   There are no +/- grades.  
        0-39 points  F
      40-54 points  D
      55-69 points  C
      70-84 points  B
      85-100+ points  A

Academic Responsibilities
      Be informed of and to abide by all student policies outlined in the Cuesta College Catalog, and to enroll and/or drop a class by the appropriate deadlines in the Cuesta College Class Schedule (*.html).   Contact Disabled Student Program & Services in a timely manner (San Luis Obispo campus: 546-3148; North County campus: 591-6215) regarding arrangements for disability accommodations.