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Miss Shapes

Extruciating minutae
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  • Lessee... Must not show Mermaid X's hands. Must not show her nipples, either. Oh, the constraints of artistic expression!
  • Y'know, if mermaids are mammals, then they'll have bellybuttons. But if mermaids are fish, then they won't.
  • So we get to see the full extent of Waifer X's freckles, at least on her upper body.
  • Our good friend T. J. told us that our smile with downturned ends means something. But we decline to repeat such frippery here on a family cartoon page.
  • "Sweet sassy molassy" was from a recent Saturday Night Live TV skit. But we also like other expletives/exclamatives like, "Great googly-moogly!"
  • Hilary Clinton likes to say, "Okey-dokey artichokey!"
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